Even comedian and actor Cheri Oteri had a tough time getting a reservation at the landmark Margate restaurant Steve & Cookies.

The Saturday Night Live alum called to try and make a last-minute reservation for four but was told there was nothing available.

Oteri was told that the restaurant was already booked, but the person on the phone recommended that her party show up at the Oyster Bar and use one of the high-top tables in that part of the restaurant.

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She then used showed her comedic side, telling the girl on the phone that there was a gentleman who had a heart attack the last time she was there, allowing her to get a table.

"What are the chances of someone having a heart attack and a table becoming available?"

The girl answered, "Hopefully zero-percent chance, we're going to hope nobody does that for sure."

Oteri answered jokingly, "I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that they do."

Steve & Cookies is a very popular spot in Margate, located at 9700 Amherst Ave, but you better call way ahead of time to make sure you get a reservation, as Cheri Oteri can attest.

For those of you who don't remember some of Oteri's roles, she played Arianna, a member of The Spartan Cheerleaders with Will Ferrell.  She has appeared in various TV shows, including Just Shoot Me!Strangers with Candy, and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

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