Here we go again. Get your snow shovels ready, folks! 

According to our Lite Rock Meteorologist Dan Zarrow, we might be looking at a couple of inches of the white stuff here in South Jersey on Thursday.

Here are some snow shoveling tips from The National Safety Council to make sure you keep yourself safe while your shoveling all winter long.  

  • Don't shovel while smoking OR right after eating. That won't be pretty.
  • Try stretches before getting to work and be sure to take things at a slow pace. Especially if it's heavy, wet snow.
  • Try to shovel only fresh, powdery snow which is lighter.
  • Don't LIFT the snow. Instead, try pushing it aside.
  • IF you must lift any snow, only partially fill your shovel. Your back will thank you for this later.
  • Be sure to use your legs when you must lift. Again, your back will thank you for this.
  • Take breaks!

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