Do you realize that we've now been wearing masks each and every day for one year?

Think about this: Before 2020, when did you ever wear a face mask before? I mean other than those times you performed surgery, went scuba diving, and played catcher on your high school softball team?

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Face masks have become a (reluctant) part of life for almost everyone - well, with the exception of those mask haters that are still trying to keep up the anti-mask fight.

Over the last 12 months, we have seen masks evolve into more that just blue and white paper masks. Masks are now advertising vehicles, personnel expressions, and, dare we say it - even fashion accessories.

Virus Outbreak New Jersey

Masks have become more and more elaborate and finding one is no longer the sort of challenge is was when the COVID-19 problem began.

We, of course, are hoping for the end of the pandemic and, hopefully, a day when we can shed the mask much like your mom sheds her bra after a long day at work.

Until then, though, we need to continue to wear masks - even those of us who are fully vaccinated. (Hey, not my idea. Don't shoot the messenger.)

Now, a new mask has emerged. A mask to keep you safe (or, relatively safe...) while you're eating and drinking. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the nose mask:

So, the nose mask was invented in Mexico. Um, no offense to anyone, but I can't think of ever hearing anything invented in Mexico, other than, you know, tacos and margaritas!

So, there it is! The nose mask!

Ain't it attractive?

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