At some point, especially with social media, we've all wondered, "Do people really believe this?"

I can tell you, the answer is YES! People will believe anything.

I've found one of my Facebook groups, "Original Egg Harbor Township Happenings 08234" to be one of my go-to destinations for my own personal entertainment, and it does not disappoint!

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Sure, there are plenty of worthwhile, information, "bulletin-board" type postings to be found.

There are also the weird, wacky, and downright hilarious posts! these are my favorite!

Last week, someone posted a photo of a polar bear on a neighborhood street. It appeared that it had just snowed. The polar bear was seen on the street walking between light traffic.

(By the way, we can't share the photo because we don't have the photographers permission to do so.)

Anyway, the person who posted the photo used the caption, "Did anyone notice this guy on Zion last week? I didn’t know they lived around here!"

There were many funny and sarcastic comments. Hilarious.

The best comments, though, were from people who - we assume - kind of believed the fact that AN ACTUAL POLAR BEAR COULD ACTUALLY BE ROAMING AROUND EASTERN ATLANTIC COUNTY!

Either that, or these people are better at making sarcastic comments as I am!

Here's a look at some of the comments, followed by, of course, me reaction to the comments:

"That’s my dog." - Funny!

"Saw him trying to buy a coke out of the machine..." - Hilarious!

"What? It looks like a polar bear!" - No kidding....

"WHAT?" - (Um, you didn't figure out immediately that it' a joke?)

"Is Coca-Cola running a promotion" - Comedy Gold right there!

"Well there is a lot of strange animals between mount airy and old zion on zion road." - Really? (eye roll)

"If you're cold, they're cold! BRING THEM INSIDE" - Very funny!

"Where’s his f**king mask?!?!" - And Karen has commented! (Very funny actually)

"Fake news......." Wow! Somebody figured it out!

"It was Zion and Robert best - everything happens there." Funny stuff!

"I use to have a roommate that looked like that." - Very funny!

"He was looking for a mattress store... it's hibernatin' season, after all." - EHT Humor! I love it!

"No way a polar bear in NJ" - Nothing's getting by you, is it?

"I live in Oxford Village, we have a share of crazy looking animals in here too! DRIVE ON THOUGH, it’s like six flags safari! Certain times of the day you may just be lucky and catch the culprit stacking Walmart carts in the woods for enjoyment! Gotta Love it!" --- OK, I'm staying away from Oxford Village....

"Wonder if he has fireworks...?" - More great EHT humor!

"They were introduced to the area 2 years ago." - A little deadpan humor. I like it!

"I call bs ." - Good. We really needed someone to do that!

"They are very dangerous... Don't get out their with them. Their claws are like razor blades. Call police or animal control. It's very crewl if someone brought the animal here." - (My eyes are intentionally blinking as I'm wondering if this person is being honest here. I also wonder if they have a dictionary or spell check.)

"Has ANYONE called Animal Control? I've got cages.." - Um, do you really have cages big enough, though?

"Why is it awake?" - Why are you awake?

"It's amazing how many different kind of animals that EHT has, keep cutting down trees and keep building more homes/buildings and you will see many more amazing animals..." - Yeah. I was just reading an article about that....


Well, thanks Facebook, for keeping us all entertained!


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