Somebody did somebody (or somebodies) wrong in Hammonton, and the law is going after them.

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Hammonton Post Office
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Mail and checks stolen from outdoor mailbox at Hammonton Post Office

Hammonton Police say someone stole mail and checks from an external mailbox located at the Hammonton Post Office.

Police say they're working with US Postal Inspectors investigating the incident.

Police aren't saying how they discovered that something bad happened, but it appears the mailbox was tampered with over the President's Day weekend. They say mail placed in the box as outgoing mail was taken.

According to Hammonton Police, "Checks were taken and altered, causing financial theft and fraud from area residents and businesses. "

Photo by Ranurte on Unsplash
Photo by Ranurte on Unsplash

More security measures have been taken

Police report that since the incident, additional security measures have been put into place by the Postal Service.

Are you missing some mail, or did your checks not get to their destination?

Police are asking for the public's help: "We are asking that anyone that notices a check drawn in a different amount then they had issued them from their checking statements or checking accounts to please contact the Hammonton Police Department 609-561-4000, after contacting their bank."

Finally to the person or persons who committed the crime: Don't you know that security cameras are everywhere? They're going to catch you!

SOURCE: Hammonton Police Department.

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