Gordon Ramsey's precious 12-year-old daughter Matilda made a special appearance last night on 'MasterChef Junior!'  And 12-year-old Andrew Zappley from West Deptford made it through again!  This kid could win the whole thing!

The show started with the mystery box challenge - the young cooks had to use bananas and limited pantry items to wow the judges.  Nathan made banana-coconut French macarons (not to be confused with coconut macaroons... believe me, I know there is a BIG difference!)  that looked incredible.  He won and therefore does not have to cook in the elimination round.

Matilda came in after the mystery box challenge to introduce the elimination challenge.  She's Gordon Ramsey's adorable daughter.  I think our boy Andrew had a slight crush on her....

Matilda explained that her families most asked for dish from her celebrity chef father is "salmon en croute."

Salmon what?


I'm not a "masterchef" by any stretch of the imagination, but how in the world do these young kids know how to make that?

Well, some did and some didn't.

Andrew's dish was one of the top two of the night, however, he stood out as a shining star by helping Jenna when her hollandaise sauce broke.  He coached her along to help fix the sauce.  Ramsey even praised him for his great attitude!

Then the elimination came...  And I cried like a little girl!  Precious little 8-year-old Riley got sent home!  Why?  Why did you do that to America, MasterChef Junior?  He was far too adorable to send home.  It was obvious that the judges were heartbroken as well.  Ryan Kate also got sent home, but it was Riley that really stole everyone's hearts.

Who knew a children's cooking show would elicit so much emotion?  Geez....

'MasterChef Junior' continues next Tuesday at 8pm on Fox.

Keep cheering for Andrew!  He's going to win!

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