Last week I put up a South Jersey citizenship test to see just how South Jersey we all are.

I decided to check out the stats on the test and see how everyone did. I felt like a teacher grading papers. While I can't see who answered what, the results show me the break down of responses for each answer by percentage.

Chad Mcdermott, Thinkstock

I have to say I'm proud and happy at most of the results. However, there are a few of you that need to run to Wawa for coffee, eat a pork roll egg and cheese, and go to the beach during locals summer.

The one that shocked me the most was the responses to the prompt "Choose the 3 Rules of the Beach." The majority of test takers aced this one, however there were a few that raised some concern. 3% checked off the box stating that "socks and shoes are the stylish way to go to the beach."

Let's take a moment here.

Yes, South Jersey there are people out there that think it is okay to wear socks to the beach. Not only is it okay, but stylish.

Men's feet in sandals
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I am at a loss for words.

If you want to take the South Jersey citizenship test and see just how South Jersey you are click below:

I gotta go make my 10th Wawa run of the day...


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