Well, you may not get to take your kid to the same Santa meet-and-greet experience you grew up with this year, but hopefully, they'll get to see the man in the red suit one way or another.

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When your kids meet Santa, they'll no doubt run down a quick list of their top gifts they'd like to receive this year. That is, if they don't spend the entire time with him kicking and screaming to get away. You'll probably expect them to ask for presents like a Paw Patrol playset or a new LOL Surprise doll. What if your kid asks Santa for something a bit...er... out of the box?

We were curious to hear what some of your children have asked Santa for in the past and guess what? Some of the responses we got were pure comedy GOLD. One person revealed that their child asked Santa Claus for a hands-free soap dispenser. Talk about a COVID-friendly gift. These responses are too hilarious not to laugh at. Check it out:

Another gem of a response was the lady who said her daughter asked Santa for a tiger for Christmas since the family's landlord said they weren't allowed to have dogs; SO FUNNY! Santa will no doubt get some creative gift requests this year, too. No doubt, some kids will ask for a super crazy mask or face shield. If one hasn't requested it yet, it's definitely coming.

Add your child's wacky gift request from Santa in the comments on the post above!


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