It's that time of year again, right? Can you even keep up with how many Amazon packages are showing up at your door on a daily basis?

That's most of us right now, at least if you've decided to steer clear of the brick-and-mortar stores and shop for everything on everyone's Christmas list online this year. That's always a solid plan, except for when they show up damaged to your front door. Unfortunately, that's what people in the Laureldale section and beyond in Mays Landing have been dealing with more than a few times lately.

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A Facebook shared to a Mays-Landing focused Facebook group is drawing attention to just how frequently deliveries are showing up damaged. Obviously, with the holiday fast approaching, it's not convenient to have to make a complaint or send items back. The fear of gifts not arriving on-time is SERIOUS this year with all of the delivery back-ups.

The pictures shared in the Facebook post feature packages that were either allegedly opened up and re-taped and/or arriving destroyed, broken glass and all.

According to the comments, this is becoming more of a common occurrence this holiday season. Many people have commented that if you see that your package has been tampered with, you should reach out to the company responsible for delivery to have the issue solved. Again, the problem with that is while the issue may get resolved, there's not necessarily a guarantee that re-ordering the product will ensure delivery by Christmas.

If you've had several damaged packages delivered to your front door this holiday season, the best of luck to you with correcting the issue. Just know, you're DEFINITELY not the only one.

Check out the pictures of the damaged packages HERE.

Source: Facebook

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