Check engine light on in your car? Apparently, here in South Jersey, you're not the only one.

We quizzed people on Facebook about "What's broken in your car that you've learned to live with?" The answers seem to run the gamut from little things to pretty major things.


Linda said, "The light in the radio, no clock."

Michael, Lewis,  and several others joked "The Driver" - although, may be that is true.....

Patti said, "The knob that turns the heat/ac blower on broke off so I used pliers to turn it for 2 years until I traded it in. With knob super glued in place."

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More than Jennifer said their gas gauge was broken. Is this a "Jennifer problem?"

Kelly's living with some major problems with her car: "The brakes. The AC/ Heater. Steering."

Ashley and Mike both reported broken rear-view mirrors/.

Katrina and Sherrie both said they'd been living with air conditioning problems. Lucky for them, cold weather is on the way!

Poor Johnny has a broken radio in his car. He's improvised by carrying this battery operated radio in his car, so he can still listen to us!

Courtesy of Johnny O.
Courtesy of Johnny O.

Johnny, that radio has to be older than you are!

Linda says her sunroof won't open - which is much better than a sunroof that won't close!

Some folks, like Amanda have bigger problems: "Mine is sitting at the curb..wont start, Needs an oil change...and has a flat tire!"

With broken things, some people have to do some big time improvising. Here's what Nicole has to face: "The ac/ heat switch under hood that has to be manually switched during summer and winter." Yikes!

What's worse than broken things in one vehicle? Glad you asked! Michelle says, "I have 3 trucks.In one, the transmission is wonky, but l know how to play the accelerator to make it move. In another, the speedometer is broken. And in the third, the fuel gauge for the front tank.doesn't work." Double Yikes!

Well, buckle up, New Jersey - I hope that works OK!


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