Well, this is weird.

If you have the urge to head straight to the bathroom to poop when you walk into a store, you're not alone.

A doctor on Instagram acknowledges that "it's a thing" that people do this:

Favorite store restrooms to poop in Atlantic City area

So we asked local residents if this happens to them and we were overwhelmed by all the positive responses we received!

Yes, it is a thing!

One resident who works at a South Jersey Target says she notices "a regular clientele" that enter the store and always make a bee-line right for the restrooms.

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Google Maps

The responses to our informal survey really surprised us!

Kimberly says, "Thanks you Joe for letting me know I am not alone here with this issue. LOL! It happens to me and my best friend too, but only in my favorite stores, like Marshall's, Ross,Home Goods, etc."

John says, "Any big box cold concrete store like Home Depot I gotta gooooo."

From Seasen: "...usually TJ Maxx gets me…I think it’s the excitement mixed with the anxiousness."

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Google Maps

Are people going to certain stores just to go #2?

The responses make one wonder: Do people go shopping in certain stores, just because they like their bathroom facilities?

Jason told he he works in a local store and " for some reason people have to poop when shopping here we have to limit bathroom use - it’s gross! Stop pooping in public go home!"

Bridget says it happens to her when she shops at Kohl's: "Kohls gets me every time. No other store only Kohls."

So is it the store that stimulates something inside you that makes you have to go as soon as you walk in? Deb says, "Target bathrooms used to smell so good and were always clean so it made for a nice pooping spot. Walmart not so much, avoid that at all times."

So, there you have it!  If we mentioned you in this story, just know that your comments on #2 will now live on the internet forever!

You're welcome!

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