Shannon Robinson, 31, of Woodbury works in a micro lab as a microbiologist. In case you didn't know, microbiologists are some of the most underrated people in the world of medicine. If it weren't for them, you'd never know what was wrong with you. Microbiologists study culture samples under their microscopes to determine if you're infected with a bacterial or viral illness.

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Shannon's always been obsessed with Halloween, even taking a Halloween trip to somewhere spooky every October. Last year, it was Sleepy Hollow, NY. That wasn't enough for her this year. She brought the love of her favorite holiday to work.

Shannon had some fun with some samples she was studying and the results are incredible. You're so creative, Shannon! Are you sure you chose the right profession? Kidding!

Check out her creepy culture samples below. They truly are works of art, right?!

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