Ahh, the 90s. What a great decade. For one, it was the decade in which the world was gifted me. 😇 I kid.

All jokes aside, many refer to the 1990s as the last outdoor generation. Kids still played outside in the 90s. They weren't consumed with online content, social media, or "stunting for the gram." It was a time when kids were still able to be exactly what they were: kids.

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Nobody expected them to grow up too fast. Not like today's generation.

The 90s were also responsible for the days of bringing technology home. That's when things like cell phones, pagers, and mp3s began infiltrating society's everyday life. SO nostalgic.

The 90s were, in a word, a VIBE. So were the early 2000s, for that matter.

Items from the 90s and early 2000s are making a comeback

The nostalgia of that era isn't lost on the younger generation, believe it or not. As a matter of fact, we may have Gen Z to thank for the resurgence of things like the cord phone and CD player.

That got me thinking....

Which nostalgic items would South Jersey LOVE to make a comeback?

So, we asked the question. And you answered!

a cord phone on a desk
Photo by George Chandrinos on Unsplash

1) Cord phones

There's something romantic and simple about engaging in conversation on a cord phone. It brings you back to simpler times.

Photo by Lucky Alamanda on Unsplash
Photo by Lucky Alamanda on Unsplash

2) DVD players

You might have answered this one because you have so many still sitting in a closet somewhere that haven't seen the light of day since about 2010.

Photo by Thai Nguyen on Unsplash
Photo by Thai Nguyen on Unsplash

3) Flip phones

Remember your old Motorolla Razr? Simpler times, indeed. Back before the feed had us all glued to our phones 24/7.

Photo by Leonard Reese on Unsplash
Photo by Leonard Reese on Unsplash

4) VCRs

Ah, the good ole days of Blockbuster Video. Remember late fees? Having to rewind the videotapes before bringing them back after renting them for the weekend? The people that said VCR for their answer are definitely nostalgia junkies like me. You say "VCR" and I'm immediately transported back to Blockbuster on a Friday night.

What 90s item would you love to see make a comeback? Let us know on the app!

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