Make sure you have your phone and/or camera handy tomorrow because you're going to want to capture this moment.

Reportedly, the region will get to experience what's known as a 'pink moon' tonight and early Friday morning. says it will be at its fullest just before 7:15 a.m. on Friday, April 19th.

Why is it called a pink moon?

It's not really going to look pink. The moon will be its normal light orange color, but because it's early spring, the April full moon has come to be known as the 'pink moon'. Super appropriate name considering the fact that this week is the celebration of holidays like Easter and Passover which both represent fresh starts and clean slates.

South Jersey will first catch it rising tonight around 8 p.m. No word yet on how visible it will be tomorrow night considering there are predicted thunderstorms in the forecast for tomorrow evening.

If you do catch it tonight or tomorrow morning, take pictures!


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