Okay, South Jersey. Get ready to go outside and look up. The first supermoon of the year is coming at us next week.

While we normally see three supermoons a year, you might want to make taking a good gander at this one a priority since it may be one of the biggest we see in 2021. NJ.com reports that the supermoon will be at its fullest this Monday, April 26th around 11:30 at night. So, if you're a sky or space junkie and love to look at the stars, this Monday night will be your chance to catch what could be the biggest and brightest moon of the year.

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Some are referring to this one as a "pink supermoon" even though it won't necessarily look pink. So, if you were hoping to spot a giant cotton candy-looking ball in the sky, it's probably not smart to bank on that one. So, why is it called a 'pink moon' if there's no guarantee that color will be present at all? According to NASA, the spring supermoon is often referred to as a "pink moon" because of what the color pink represents. Many common plants and flowers that bloom in spring are pink, so the name was given to the spring full moon to commemorate the season.

Don't fret if you can't get out there to see the moon in all its glory on Monday night. NJ.com reports it'll still be full on Tuesday night, but the fullness will start to decrease from there on out.

Everything you need to know about maximizing your supermoon experience can be found HERE.

Sources: NJ.com, solarsystem.nasa.gov

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