This Daily Dose of Good comes from Rick Riccardi, owner and operator of Riccardi Racing LLC Toms River.

With the help of Mitch Little (chief of Police in Toms River) and Mike Jovanis (owner of KAJ Solutions), Rick has created an ongoing event called Keep It At The Track and Off The Streets.

With street racing being a very low key but high rising problem around the area,
This event allows the Toms River Police and surrounding towns to work together and give a Police escort to Atco Raceway, where if someone wants to race-- it is done in a safe and legal environment.

The purpose is to show the kids that there is a time and a place to do something like this,  instead of putting themselves and others in harms way.

The event also provides award for race winners, with the hopes that it will entice people to try out the dangerous sport in a safe environment rather than on the streets.

After two years of this event, they've decided to include a Christmas Toy Drive to this years races, where they are asking each person that participates to bring one unwrapped gift for a child in need .

Keep It At The Track and Off The Streets is happening on November 19th. Where the event will kick off at the Kohls Parking lot in Toms River at 7:00 am.

The 40 mile "Cruise" to the track is free, but admission into the track will be $12.00. In order to participate in the racing of the True Street event, the total cost will be $85.00--which includes track entry for the day.

The purpose again is to provide speed racers with a safe environment, and give back to children in need with gifts this holiday season!

For more information, please feel free to contact Rick Riccardi at 1-732-278-2266

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