On Thursday, April 12, Nik Amoroso, a senior in high school at ACIT, was involved in a hit-and-run bicycle accident.  Recently, Nik has been in the Intensive Care Unit at a point where the extent and impact of his injuries were unknown. Miraculously, Nik pulled out of coma after a few weeks, and was able to get a pass from rehab to attend his senior prom. Although Nik is strong and fearless at this time, there is still a long road of recovery ahead.

Credit: Susan Swartz
Credit: Susan Swartz

Laura, a single mom to Nik and his sister, hasn't left the hospital since his arrival there.  The out pouring of prayer and emotional support for the family has been tremendous thus far; However, the community is coming together to help offset the cost of medical bills and any other unexpected necessities.

In doing so, they've sold bracelets, created a Facebook donation page, and plan to hold a fundraiser to continue raising money to alleviate the family's financial stress. Already, the community has raised over $11K for this amazing family and continue to do MORE with a fundraiser this Saturday, May 26th at Chill & Grub in Egg Harbor City from 2-7pm! 10% of the proceeds between that time will go towards the family's medical expenses.

You can help Nik and his family through social media! Wether that be through donations or simply sharing this story; go to Facebook to spread the word and shine a light on this young South Jersey man in need. When you share, be sure to hashtag #prayersfornik & #nikbikesforlife to continue uniting the community in a great cause.

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