Absecon is home to a very inspiring young man named Anthony, who's life tragically changed one night in November of 2016. The 16-year-old at the time, was on a date with his girlfriend when an effort to avoid hurting a little girl, hurt him instead--forever:

Anthony's story is defeating on top of heart breaking, especially with such a bright future ahead. But even in the hardship, Anthony is taking the hard situations and always making them positive. With his determination to walk again, he continues to share his story across South Jersey to inspire others to persevere in the good times and bad.

However, Anthony has come across another obstacle that is hindering his efforts towards recovery. The family vehicle that is accommodated with a ramp to transport Anthony, is in need of a repair and is otherwise very dangerous to move Anthony on. So until it can be repaired/replaced with a hefty $6,000 cost, Anthony's transportation is very minimal. The priority is to get him at least to and from school to finish out his senior year, but driving him to occupational therapy is something they've had to sacrifice for Anthony's safety. He's still not giving up and is attempting to move forward on his own, but the community is looking to give back to a young man who has always put others first no matter his own struggles.

You can show your support by sharing Anthony's story on social media via Facebook to help spread the word, or you can donate to the cause on their Go Fund Me Page that has been set up on Anthony's behalf!

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