For AC, By AC-- a group of young adults planning to make a difference in the Atlantic City area by building an urban park that they're looking to call "Yard 48"

Why? Well because they're in the hospitality industry and they want to serve Atlantic City by utilizing their profession to support the local community, local business, local events and all things community service in order to invest into the future of AC.

What? Bare with us... "Yard 48" will almost emulate the Spruce Street Pier Harbor in Philadelphia-- it'll provide a social meeting area for young professionals, families, tourists, businesses, and now students, who will capitalize on the incoming university, Hard Rock, and Ocean casinos.

Come again? Yes, you'll definitely want to because "Yard 48" will offer a comfortable public park where guests can enjoy food, beverage and entertainment.  They plan to offer movie nights on their large 98' inflatable movie screen, live music, local crafters and artists as well as hammocks and interactive games and LOTS of lights. Themed event's are definitely something that the group plans to bring to the area.  A city wide bike share program will also be installed, that will allow locals/visitors to get around the city to visit other key destination spots. It'll also provide many benefits such as job opportunities, scholarships, reinvestment funds, and grants for similar projects.

What's the catch? The project itself will cost about $250,000-500,000...but the For AC By AC team is hoping that the community will be able to help them raise at least $25,000  to start up the project so we can all take part in the communities newest park plan. There is approval and full support of the CRDA, ACEA, City of Atlantic City, and many local businesses. The team will meet with the CRDA board to discuss funding for this project during their June meeting.


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