Leave it to Walt Disney World to add some extra magic to guests' shopping experience as the Disney Springs complex opens its gates to the public. In advance of Disney World’s official July reopening date, limited character interactions have resumed — at a distance, of course. In a recent video posted by Attractions Magazine, two Stormtroopers stand on a balcony overlooking the outdoor mall. The Stormtroopers, a male and female, engage in a series of witty exchanges commenting on those walking below. The best part? They hilariously incorporate the concept of social distancing into their bit. Check out the full video below:

At one point, the male Stormtrooper suggests the two of them show the humans below who’s in charge. He points at the passersby below, exclaiming, “Hey! You! With the face covering.” The female Stormtrooper replies, “They all have face coverings.” They also note that guests face coverings are “probably nicer than these helmets.” As always, the Stormtroopers are scanning the crowd for a Resistance spy among them. Another clever moment is when the male Stormtrooper starts rattling off facts about banthas, the long-haired ox-like creatures ridden by the Tusken Raiders. The annoyed female Stormtrooper snaps back with: “Yeah, I’m going to need you to move one old male bantha’s length away, please.” Talk about a burn.

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This little display is just a taste of what we'll most likely be getting when Disney World reopens completely. Characters will have to be extra conscious of maintaining 6 feet of distance with park guests, being careful not to give out high fives or hugs. There’s a huge chance these rules will become incorporated into each characters’ dialogue. For Stormtroopers, this will be pretty easy — they're not really big on cuddling.

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