Society's concerns over COVID-19, or coronavirus, have led to companies taking drastic measures to help prevent the spreading of germs.

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Starbucks announced in a press release that as a response to growing concerns surrounding the coronavirus, they will be temporarily doing away with the use of personal reusable cups as well as taking all the steps advised by the Center for Disease Control to combat the spread of the virus within the company and to its customers before it even starts. They're in complete compliance with the CDC and health officials while taking all necessary precautions to ensure no germs are spread to employees nor customers.

Starbucks also stated that they're in constant contact with their global partners in an effort to stay educated and up-to-date on the status of the situation.

So, that means you'll have to go back to using the disposable cups they give you until health officials give the "all-clear".

To read the full press release, click HERE.

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