This may be a bad joke but that store-bought baby food you just bought for your little one? Spoiler Alert: It's basically spoiled.

Nobody wants to feed their baby garbage, right? Well, turns out the majority of Americans are without even really knowing it. According to, a new study shows that over 90% of all baby food in this country contains traces of metal that are toxic to babies.

You may think this fact is limited to canned food, but it's not. You know the puffs you first introduce to your child when they're ready for solids? Yep, those have some of the highest traces of arsenic which can severely stunt a child's neurodevelopement.

Another huge problem is lead. says the study showed that almost all foods tested contained 10x the amount of lead deemed legal by the Food and Drug Administration.

So, what can parents do? Well, to put it simply, you can't be lazy. It's often the norm to just put a few puffs down for an infant or to rely on prepackaged foods. You can't do that. Not even with juice... most juices contain high levels of toxic metals as well. The professionals suggest to make sure you're purchasing 100% juice and then dilute it with some water.

Get all the info on the study HERE.


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