Do you know your blood type?

Not only is it important information regarding your personal health, but it can also be a clue about viruses and diseases to which you are more susceptible. This fact has been proven true by a recent study conducted in Europe that shows evidence to support the theory that different blood types develop different levels of symptoms from COVID-19.

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Chemical and Engineering News reports that a study out of Italy and Spain shows people with a type A blood type were more susceptible to the virus and its symptoms compared to those who have an O blood type. Those with O blood types were also less likely to develop severe respiratory issues as a result of COVID-19. Another follow-up study showed that people with an O blood type could be up to almost 20% less likely than those with other blood types to become infected with COVID-19 in the first place.

Of course, it's not known yet the role that blood type plays in its entirety when it comes to COVID-19, but the evidence being discovered is seeming to match in all studies.



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