It's not a good feeling to have one of your comfort places completely altered by one encounter. Unfortunately for a woman in Mantua Township, one of her favorite places to spend an afternoon has become one she may never visit again.

Ceres Park is known to Gloucester County, NJ, locals as a great place to spend a sunny day. With plenty of trails, places for picnics, playgrounds, and fishing spots, it's one of those places where time stops for a little while. For some, it's their "happy place."

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That's how it was for one woman until the moment it wasn't.

Google Street View
Google Street View

Person in ski mask scares local woman in Ceres Park

A woman shared to a locally-based Facebook group that all should be on the lookout for a specific person hiding out in Ceres Park in Mantua. She was there walking her dog on the afternoon of Sunday, April 14th, when she encountered who she thinks is a man wearing a ski mask. He made a run towards her direction.

Obviously, she didn't stick around after that.

She booked it back to her vehicle with her dog and warned people entering the park about what she had experienced.


Multiple people have commented under her post saying that the park has been responsible for some eerie feelings for others in the area, too.

That's not all...

Someone matching the description of the Ceres Park suspicious person was also described as trying to break into people's homes in the area.

Google Street View
Google Street View

Is it the same person? At the present, there's no way to know. Still, whenever someone shares this kind of information, it's always better to be on the safe size.

Exercise caution if you're walking through that park this week. If you see anything suspicious, report it to the Mantua Township police. You can check out the original post for yourself HERE.

Kudos to all the law enforcement officers constantly keeping South Jersey safe:

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