You call yourself a Dallas Cowboys fan. Are you a legitimate fan or a pretend fan?
Take our test!

This test is for Dallas Cowboys fans only. There's no judgement here. We just want to make sure you are a true legitimate fan rather than a pretend hanger-on-er.
Take the test.

1. Were you born in Dallas or within 100 miles of the city?
2. Have you ever lived in Dallas or within 100 miles of the city for more than six months?
3. Has your father ever lived in Dallas or within 100 miles of the city?
4. Have you ever played or coached football professionally for the Dallas Cowboys?
5. Was you mother a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader?
6. Did your father ever date a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader?
7. Did your wife ever date Tony Romo?

How many questions did you answer YES to?
If you answered YES to 1 or more questions, you can be considered a legitimate Dallas Cowboys fan.
If you answered NO to all the questions, you're a PRETEND Dallas Cowboys Fan!

Here are the unofficial - official NFL fan rules:
*Destiny and birthright are the only true determiners of which team you can/should be a fan. You can't pick your team. You are born into true fandom.
*Where you are born is the first factor. If you were born within 100 miles of a city with a team, you're a fan of that team.
*The only exceptions would be the following:
- You moved away from the city/team before you could talk. The place you moved to can be your team if you are given a jersey from your new local team within 30 days of your  relocation.
- Your parents were born elsewhere and are huge fans of their birthplace team. You can
inherit their love for a particular team.
- Your mom dated the local team's quarterback and he was not nice to her. You gotta
get a new team. Completely understandable.

**** The only other acceptable reason for choosing a faraway team (like the Cowboys) is that it liking that team results in you scoring a lifetime of good sex. Carry on.
1. What if I was born outside of 100 miles from an NFL city?
A. You are a college football fan.
2. What if you didn't like football growing up, and now you do?
A. You're weird.
3. What if you really like a team's jersey?
A. I hope you're a girl.

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