Cereal companies are always coming out with new flavors. Whether it is a pumpkin spice version or a chocolate version, we get plenty of options when it comes to cereal. Lucky Charms have thrown their hat into the ring.

Lucky Charms have come out with frosted flakes and chocolate versions. Now Frosted Flakes are from Kellogs, so the Lucky Charms cereal (General Mills) isn't the same Frosted Flakes that has Tony the Tiger.

Heather from our sister station SoJO 104.9 is a Lucky Charms fanatic like me. Her and I tested out the Lucky Charms milkshake at Burger King this past summer together. We just really love cereal. It made sense to test out these new Lucky Charms in a collab video together.

Were the flavors any good? Find out here!

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