You ever wake up in the morning with a craving for your favorite food from a restaurant only to remember that, oops.... they're no longer in business?

That happened me this morning. I woke up craving a wrap from Friendly's but, oh wait... the one in Northfield is now closed. This led me to wonder what other places does everyone wish were still open.

Joe and I took to Facebook to ask you, South Jersey, this question:

So many of you responded, so thank you so much! Without any further ado, here are the five places in South Jersey that you wish were still in business today!

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    Five Guys

    More than one person mentioned that they feel the absence of the Five Guys in Somers Point. Apparently, Absecon is too far away for burgers, huh?

    No arguments here! We wish it were still there, too!

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    Ground Round

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    Sears is closing its doors everywhere, so it's mind-blowing that so many South Jersey residents miss it so much. Nobody shops at Sears anymore! It seems like most people either love Sears or hate it. Clearly, the latter won out.

    So long, Sears.

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    People rave about Ed Zaberer's Zaberville. It used to be this epic joint in North Wildwood that included a game room and everything that would be considered old school by today's standards.

    It's difficult to describe, so if you're not familiar with the place, check out the video below:

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    TW Sports

    The place South Jersey misses the ABSOLUTE most is TW Sports! I have no idea what this place is/was all about, but Joe Kelly was quick to fill me in.

    If you're in the same boat as I am, here's the skinny:

    TW Sports was an awesome place for preteens to hang out. Someone even commented that she met her husband there (aw)! It's basically a low-key gaming-centric amusement park and fun center that had everything from swimming to mini golf and arcade games.

    The best thing to compare it to now is probably the Funplex all the way up in Mt. Laurel. If that's really what TW Sports was all about, then I'm really sad it's gone.

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