This is one of those ideas that make you mad you didn't think of it first. Those two fudgy, delicious cookies hugging that fluffy, amazing cream middle. Of course, we want an Oreo Cookie Cafe in New Jersey. and the cookie gods have shined upon us because now we have one.

(photo: Justin Sullivan, Getty Images)

The Oreo Cookie Cafe is now open in New Jersey and it's less than an hour drive from Freehold, nestled in East Rutherford. So what can you expect when you make your way to the Oreo Cookie Cafe?

You probably guessed by now that this wonderland of cookie goodness is located in the American Dream Mall, and according to The Travel, it is in the spot where the original Nabisco factory once stood. Pretty awesome piece of history, right?

Want to hear some of the amazing things on the menu? How about some Oreo Cookies and Cream Cheesecake or the Ore cookie mousse that the Food Network is so excited about?

Oreo Cafe Instagram

The cafe also sells some really amazing merchandise as well, including the heavenly Oreo Cookies & Creme Candle. Now that's a fantastic Secret Santa gift, right? They even have Oreo flip flops and Oreo-shaped towels. Wake me up. I must be dreaming.

The possibilities at the Oreo Cafe are endless. There's only one in the world, and it's in the Garden State. Lucky us! If you want to get more info, just visit the Oreo Cafe website.

Oreo Cafe photo credir: Oreo Instagram

And for the record, I'm not an open the cookie and scrape the creme with my teeth kind of guy. I think the Oreo should be enjoyed with mouthfuls of it in its entirety, with an occasional dunk in some fresh milk. But you be you.

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