Every Halloween there is one costume that becomes the focal point for a great internet debate. The debate usually revolves around cultural appropriation. This year the costume that is at the center of this great debate is Moana. If you do not know who Moana is, she is a Disney princess who came onto the scene in 2016. Little girls have been dressing up as Disney princess since the beginning of Disney princesses, so what's the issue with Moana?

Moana is Polynesian, so some feel it is inappropriate for some girls to dress up as the fictional character. The internet seems very split on the issue, with the majority set on saying that is is not cultural appropriation.

Recently, Cosmopolitan recently published an article titled, "Maybe Don't Dress Your Kid Up As Moana This Halloween?" The article was tagged, "It's on you to teach your kid not to be racially insensitive." In the article the writer points out how many will say that they dressed up as Jasmin as a kid, but said that those people can do better for their kids and teach them about cultural sensitivity. The article also said, "If your kid wears a racist costume … you're kind of wearing it too."

The article was very politically driven. The writer of the article may have been disappointed with the reaction they received. The comments were overwhelmingly opposed to the writer's opinion.

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