Halloween is always filled with the same cliche costumes. There are tons and tons of skeletons, princesses, witches, and football players. Let's step up our game a little bit and come up with some more creative Halloween costumes. Growing up, most of our (my brothers and my) costumes were homemade. Still today, my costumes are DIY.

Here are 5 fairly easy DIY costumes that just scream South Jersey for kids, adults, couples, and groups.


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    Pork Roll

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    Wawa Goose

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    There are plenty of lighthouses in South Jersey to draw inspiration from. This costume can have a rotating beacon like this one based off of Cape Hatteras. You can also make one like this. Just make sure you paint them accordingly for a South Jersey lighthouse.

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    Wine Bottle

    This is for the 21+ group. We have so many amazing wineries in South Jersey. Choose your favorite and make your own wine bottle costume. This one from Pinterest is super easy, just change the label for a South Jersey winery.

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    Deck of Cards

    This costume is great for kids and adults, plus it's great if you want to do a group/couple costume. There are a few ways you can make a deck of cards, this one was made by two kids and is super easy. This costume is perfect for girls, both kids and adults. If you really wanted to go the extra mile, you could follow the directions used for the pork roll costume and add the appropriate details to make a poker chip costume.