It's been a long time coming for those anxiously awaiting the new release of the promised reimagined version of the Ford Bronco.

Ford's been teasing for years a re-release of the SUV made ultra famous by former football player and movie star O.J. Simpson. They finally swore to reveal it in 2020, but at first had the date set on O.J's birthday. Ford swears that was unintentional, but many on social media failed to think so. As a result of the backlash, Ford moved the date of the reveal to July 13th.

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Speaking from a fan's perspective, it was TOTALLY worth the wait.

I've been talking Joe's ear off about my thoughts regarding what the reimagined Ford Bronco may look like since I got hired back in 2018. To finally see it come to fruition is SO EXCITING.

Two features of the new line specifically capture my attention: the transmission options and the price. They've included a manual option for stick-shift lovers like me. Also, the price isn't astronomical when you compare it to other SUVs like the Jeep's lineup.

She's absolutely beautiful! Now, before you ask me if you'll be able to soon spot me around town in the new Bronco, the answer is no. I don't normally buy brand new cars outright since they depreciate value as soon as you drive them off the lot. The reason I was SO EXCITED for the Bronco's release is because the sooner they released it, the sooner I could actually obtain one!

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