When I was 15-year-old I tried to convince my dad to let me buy a 1960-something Ford Mustang that a guy who worked for my dad was selling.

I didn't have my driver's license yet, but I had the opportunity to break some laws and test drive this car.

It was sleek, it was loud, it was fast - everything a 15-year-old boy wanted in a car.

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Luckily my dad had the vision to realize that his son was born with a lead foot, and a car that could easily fly would not be the best ride for a first car.

Looking back, Dad was right. I spent enough time in juvenile court answering to speeding charges without a fast car. Imagine if I had one that could fly.

Fast forward several decades, and once again, I found myself sitting in a Ford Mustang that could fly.

Last weekend, I took an extended test drive of a brand new Ford Mustang Mach E. An all electric version of the iconic American car. It's all thanks to my friends at Kindle Ford, just off exit 10, Cape May Court House.



Now, it doesn't look like a traditional mustang - it looks like an SUV.  How does it drive? I'll get to that in a moment.

Before I climbed behind the steering wheel of the Mustang Mach E, I had never driven an electric car. I've never ever ridden in an electric car. I had no idea what to expect. I have driven tons of electric golf carts, so I thought maybe it would be something like that.

I was wrong. Dead wrong.

I still remember being 15-year-old and Jim Miller pulling over on a farm road in the middle of somewhere. He opened the door and said, "Switch, you drive."

I told him I didn't have my license yet, he called me some obscenity-laced name then said, "Drive."

I pulled down the road, and he kept saying "Faster, faster." The car starting shaking and I felt the pure POWER of the car as the speedometer hit 80 as I drove past a corn field. This was driving!

Up until this weekend, I really had not felt that POWER much. Sure I've had some cool cars, and I've driven some powerful vehicles, but nothing like the Mustang Mach E.

First, let me tell you, this car does not make a sound, nothing. There's no engine noise at all. Turn off the radio and the AC fan, and there's nothing. If you're in park, it's hard to imagine that the car is even running. Well, technically, it's not running, but it is on.

Despite being electric, this is the quickest car I've ever driven. The specs say it goes zero to sixty in 3.5 seconds. I'm here to tell you that it is indeed the case.

This car doesn't go, it TAKES OFF. While there's POWER, it's the SMOOTHEST power you've ever felt. There isn't a multi-gear transmission, so you don't feel a changing of the gears. It's just one smooth and even build. Most honestly, I say that it feels like the acceleration of a roller coaster. It's just GO.

Now, I don't want to make it seem like this car is all about speed, it's not. It's also a luxury vehicle. The ride is smooth, the ride is quiet.


Seats are big and roomy, and there is plenty of room in both the front and back seats.

The technology is simply over the top. Yes, it's like the cockpit of a luxury airline, with the best of everything within your finger tips.

I love the fact that the speedometer says "Ground Speed." I'll have you know that even though i may have driven this vehicle a little fast, I never did reach "air speed."



The computer in the dash has a screen bigger that the first TV ever owned. Everything you can possibly want or need is right at your fingertips. (For safety reasons, you are limited to what you can do while driving.) I really thought the size of the screen would be distracting, but it really was not a problem.


While backing cameras are not new, this is the best one I've seen. Not only do you have a super clear video of what's behind you, you get a FREAKING SATELLITE VIDEO over the top of your car! (Hello, Big Brother!)


I also should mention the cool moon roof in this vehicle. It's not a little "hatch." It is almost the full length of the roof. Driving around in a city at night, or in a thunderstorm has got to be super cool!

Since the car is all electric, obviously you don't need gas. You do, however need to charge the car frequently. You can do that at an electric car charging station - they are now almost everywhere - or, you can charge your car at home - but, I understand that is not a quick charge.

The car has close to a 300 mile range, so relatively short commutes or trips are good, long trips would be more challenging.

So, if you read the headline, you might be wondering what the problem I had with driving this car. Here it is: I can't keep this car.  This is, by far, the coolest car I've been able to drive. This is it. The ultimate. This is the ride that I want, but can't have. This is my 15-year-old "want car" all over again.

Well, the saving plan starts today.

By the way: sticker price: right around $51,000. Check it out at Kindle Ford, just off Exit 10 of the Parkway. See them today for a test drive, and see if you don't feel the same way that I do.

The "want car."

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