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Ford Bronco Announcement

ICYMI - O.J.'s legendary escape mobile, the Ford Bronco, is set to return for sale next year with the 2020 model. There have been countless rumors that stem back to early 2016 about this reboot, but it's been officially confirmed for a while now. Take a look at the article published on Ford's website. Fans are beyond excited, to say the least, but also a tad nervous.

The millennial sense of adventure has translated into the crossover and off-roading vehicle boom of the century, mostly resulting in a spike of Jeeps, Subarus, and the like. There's no SUV on the market to rival the Jeep look preferred by millennials, but the Bronco just might be the next big thing within the demographic.

Those who love the late Broncos are raising an eyebrow at the planned specs of this new generation. From arguments over the engine to the 2-door vs. 4-door debate, there's no way to please everyone. Many people have questioned whether or not the new Bronco stock vehicle will truly be an off-roader or if it'll just be an edgier version of the Ford Explorer. Keep in mind, while the Explorer can make for a great off-roader (depending on the terrain and other factors), a lot of modifications are necessary to get it there, hence the reason people are hoping for a decent off-roader with this new Bronco in its stock form.

Check out the announcement below!

Source: Ford.com

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