April 6th marks the kickoff of every South Jersey fisherman's favorite time of year: Trout Season!

NJ.com reports that authorities from the NJ DEP are predicting over 100k people plan to take advantage of the first day of trout season. Before you head out to lure your first catch of the season, make sure your "i"'s are dotted and your "t"'s are crossed by checking these steps off your Trout Season to-do list.


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    Make Sure You Have Your Stamp

    Not only should anyone over the age of 16 have a fishing license, but to participate in trout season, you must obtain a trout stamp.

    Trout stamps usually run about $10.50 and can be purchased at most outdoor retailers.

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    Familiarize Yourself with the Modified Rules

    Did you know that there's technically no end to trout season in the state of New Jersey? Each time of year has its own set of rules though.

    For example, NJ.com says that from April-May, you can only catch six trout per day. Check out more restrictions HERE.

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    Know Your Waters

    Trout fishing varies depending on where you choose to fish. If you choose to fish in trout conservation areas you should check those restrictions and requirements as they differ from normal waters. If you choose to fish in a wild stream, you might be limited to catch-and-release.

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