In case you didn't know, the city of Vineland, New Jersey has played a pretty big part in our history.

Vineland, New Jersey is the birthplace of grape juice. It's also been featured in the movie, "Eddie and the Cruisers," where the name of the city is mispronounced - just like it is in the video:

Vineland is also the birthplace of the world's most famous jar - the Mason jar!

The Mason jar was invented by John Landis Mason, who was born in Vineland in 1832. According to Wikipedia, "In 1858, he was a Freemason who invented a square-shouldered jar with threaded screw-top, matching lid, and rubber ring for an airtight seal – the Mason jar. Until the 1830s, long before refrigeration and hothouse gardens, many fruits and vegetables had been available only seasonally, but the recent development of jars had made canning a practical alternative to drying, pickling, or smoking to preserve food."

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Mason jars became very popular, and once his patent expired, many companies actually produced them.

In addition to the Mason jar, Mason also invented the first screw-top salt shaker.

What's interesting is Mason's middle name - Landis, which of course has its own history in Vineland and the surrounding area. Charles K. Landis was the founder of Vineland and Sea Isle City. Landis Avenue is also named after Charles. We've been unable to uncover how or if John Landis Mason and Charles K. Landis were related.

So, the Mason jar - started in little old Vineland, New Jersey who knew?

SOURCE: Wikipedia.

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