Last week we put a poll up asking you which state has the worst drivers and today we have those results. The worst driver are from...

Drum roll please...

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Okay, are we really surprised?

With just over 31% of the vote our neighbors over there in PA have been declared the worst drivers.

Why are they the worst?

Listeners called in and said it was because they go way under the speed limit, they hog the left lane, and they do not use their turn signals.

Sounds about right.

Where did every other state end up?

New York came in second with just over 20.5%.

Next was Florida with almost 7%.

Good 'ol New Jersey was in 4th with almost 6% of the vote.

Maryland and Delaware tied with just over 2%.

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Connecticut, Texas, California, and North Carolina all came in with almost 2%.

Next was Virginia, Oregon, and Tennessee with just under 1% of the vote.

With just under 1% of the vote was Massachusetts, Ohio, New Hampshire,  and Kentucky.

All remaining states ended in last place.

There was a write in vote for Quebec.

Be safe out there!

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