Three women have been arrested in a case of child abuse in Camden County, NJ after a 13-year-old girl showed up on a neighbor's doorstep claiming she was forced to wear a dog collar and shocked.

The alleged abuse reportedly took place at a home on Hartford Ave. in Stratford.

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Neighbor Karen Villec tells she and her husband would often hear yelling and arguing coming from the home where the teen lived, but could not have imagined the horror going on inside.

On Tuesday, the girl sought out Villec with claims she'd been strapped with a shock collar as punishment by her guardians. That's when police became involved.

"I was horrified," Villec told 6abc. "My husband and I haven't been able to sleep for days on end. You know, what can we do for this poor little girl?"

The alleged abusers Rachel, Rebecca, and Kelly Mennig, were all arrested on Wednesday and taken to Camden County Correctional Facility. All three now face charges of aggravated assault, child abuse, and neglect, reports.

The teen girl was also reportedly deprived of food and adequate clothing.

Thank goodness The Villecs listened to the girl and alerted authorities on her behalf.

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