My daughter just graduated from college two weeks ago, and my son graduates from high school next month. I am proud.

High school and college graduations both make sense to me. The conclusion of high school and college each signals that your life is progressing to the next level. You truly have accomplished something.

Then, there are these: preschool graduation and 8th grade graduation. Both are unnecessary and unneeded.

Why are we celebrating someone leaving preschool? "You did great at taking naps and using the potty!" So what?

Then there's my favorite: 8th grade graduation:."You're done in this building. Move on to the other one. Or, drop out of school and help out on the family farm."

Let's stop preschool and eight grade graduations, now. What happens if your kid doesn't take part? Don 't they go to kindergarten and  ninth grade anyway?

The next thing you know, they'll be giving out participation trophies to kids who lose at sports. Wait...

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