If you love Lucy the Elephant with all your heart and soul, you may want to turn away now.

There's hate rolling Lucy's way, faster than the waves that thrash on the nearby Margate beach.

A website is likening our beloved huge elephant to such places as The Ball of Paint in Indiana, The World's Largest Frying Pan in Idaho, and The World's Largest Fork in Missouri.

The website, Far&Wide.com says Lucy is among "The Most Boring Tourist Traps in Every U.S. State."

Say it ain't so, Lucy, say it ain't so!

The site says about the 50 sites: "Their very existence is fueled by continued visits against all reason."

Here's what the editors say about our favorite Margate resident:

Lucy the Elephant. What started as a ruse in 1882 poking fun at P.T. Barnum’s Jumbo elephant is now a permanent display, and an awfully lame one at that. Lucy is nothing more than an elephant-shaped building that currently houses a small museum dedicated to its history.

Wow. Just wow.

Where's the love? Are they anti-trunk?

In case you're wondering, here's some of the other tourist destinations mentioned by the site:

California - " Full House" house
Georgia - Lunch Box Museum
Illinois: Busy Beaver Button Museum
Kansas: Ball of Twine
Kentucky: Colonel Sanders Grave
Louisiana: Nicolas Cage’s Pyramid Tomb (Yes, he's still alive. He's planning ahead.)
Massachusetts: Plumbing Museum
Michigan: Edison's Last Breath (It's captured in a capped test tube.)
Ohio: "A Christmas Story" House and Museum
South Carolina: Kazoo Museum
Washington: Gum Wall


SOURCE: Far&Wide.com

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