They're here for the summer, blocking driveways, driving slow in the left lane, and even feeding seagulls on the beach.

They are Shoobies - and, we can't live with them and we can't live without them.

In case you didn't know, Shoobies are what we locals call vacationers here in South Jersey.

Americans Begin To Celebrate Fourth Of July Holiday Weekend At Jersey Shore
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What's a Shoobie?

The term Shoobie goes back many years ago when people from the Philadelphia area made the trek down to the South Jersey beaches, often on a train.

They'd pack their lunch in a shoebox - and, that led to the nickname Shoobie.

Read More about Shoobies and Bennies here

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A Shoobie song is born

Our friends from 1 of 1 Songs have put together a song highlighting everything Shoobie.

1 of 1 Songs is a company that offers to sell "unique songs for any occasion." Their website introduces us to local singers that presumably perform all the songs - but, this smells like AI (artificial intelligence at work.)  Find out more about 1 of 1 Songs here.

They've previously released a rather funny song called, "Drunk in Margate." You can check that out here.

Now they've come up with a rather hilarious song saluting Shoobies! (A little weird note here: they spelled "Shoobies" wrong. Oh, well...)

Here you go - enjoy:

While we like to poke fun at Shoobies, we do recognize their value to those of us who live here in South Jersey.

We'd just wish they would drive and behave better....

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