Are you having a hard time sleeping? Do you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night? Well this yummy fruit will help give you the rest you need to have a good night's sleep! 

Skin care. Woman in clay mask with kiwi on face
Credit: Voyagerais, Thinkstock

A new study by Taiwan's Taipei Medical University reveals that eating KIWI before bed helps you sleep more soundly.

Volunteers, who ate two kiwi fruits before bed slept 13% longer than those who didn't, and also fell asleep 35% faster than those who didn't!

What makes this super food so great for sleep? Well, it's high antioxidant levels and its high serotonin levels.

Other benefits of kiwi include: 

  • Loads of Vitamin C
  • Potent antioxidant properties, which help boost immune system function and enhance cell protection and repair
  •  High-fiber, potassium-rich, that aids to heart health and to respiratory function
  •  Beneficial for children with respiratory problems
  • "Superfood”- foods that pack the strongest nutritional and health-protective punch.

Thank you, and Goodnight!

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