If for nothing else, you have love stumbling down social media rabbit holes for the random new trends you discover. Try this one: movie theater seats replaced with beds.

Be Creative's Facebook
Be Creative's Facebook

Move over, recliners, this idea is about to take over. The Be Creative Facebook page shared some images a few days ago of movie theaters popping up with beds in them in lieu of seats. The recliners are great, but beds, in theory, sound even better. If you read the comments, however, people are posting some valid concerns.

For one, the cleanliness of the beds will always be a question. Imagine going to the movies and coming home with bed bugs. Three words: no, thank you. Also, there's no way to know what, um, actions happened on these beds. The thought of laying in that is indisputably revolting.

While the idea of relaxing in a bed while taking in the newest super hero flick sounds divine, the truth is that replacing the recliners with beds will probably open up a huge can of worms. Who knows? Maybe, if properly maintained and monitored, the idea could work. You know how these things go, though. It only takes a few bad apples to ruin it for everyone, unfortunately.

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