It's never too late to live out your dream, right?

That's the case for Ray Boutwell, a 93-year-old retired Navy cook that just opened up a bakery in Voorhees. According to, Boutwell used to own Boutwell Bakery in West Deptford, but closed that in the 90s.

Before getting into the world of delicious desserts, Boutwell was stationed in Pomona during his time in the Navy where he met his wife and had a family. After shutting down his first bakery, he's back in the baking business at 93-years-young with a new signature treat: booze-infused cupcakes! says that the man's basically got every cocktail you could think of as a cupcake flavor at Ray's Boozy Cupcakes. Huge fan of the name, by the way...

Why'd he get back into the business world after retiring? It sounds like the man just got bored. He expressed to that he felt like he had to be doing something and was getting bored with retired life. After reading something about a similar business venture in a magazine, here he is today only a few short years later.

How do his kids feel about his boozy business venture? Apparently, Boutwell promised his kids he'd stay alive long enough to cover all the start-up costs!

Good luck to you, Mr. Boutwell! Time to try a pina colada cupcake.


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