Not to sound dramatic or anything, but people really are taking their life in their hands when they head out the door in the morning here in South Jersey. That is, depending on their routes.

When you think of some of the most dangerous commutes here in this part of the region, the Garden State Parkway probably comes to mind. Perhaps, the Atlantic City Expressway is what first pops into your head. You might even be thinking of both the Black and White Horse Pikes as the worst roads for morning commuters. Well, I'm here to contest all of those opinions today.

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Yesterday, I went out and got Joe and myself some healthy shakes for breakfast. I was gone for maybe 30 minutes. I can tell you, though, those 30 minutes should have been more like 15. For one, I ran down the street from the station to get these things. It's literally a minute or two down the road. Unfortunately, I couldn't even turn out of the studio parking lot for about 5 minutes!

I'm talking about Tilton Road.

Listen, I don't care WHAT you say. Tilton Road is officially my worst nightmare during peak commute times. It took me way too long to go about a mile and a half all because I couldn't even turn onto the road itself. To add insult to injury, people DO NOT know how to drive on there.

So, I was traveling north on Tilton Road from Northfield into Egg Harbor Township. I was right on the border when I got so scared that I was about to be involved in an accident. I'm not making this up when I say I had not one, but TWO people swerve into my lane. What is the deal, people? Are ya'll looking down at your phones or something? I was scared I was going to have to pull over onto the side of the road at one point.

Those who have to travel on Tilton during peak commute times, I salute you. It is full of recklessness out there. God bless.

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