Vocabulary time!

Clout - a word used to describe money, power, fame, and/or influence over society or a particular portion of society.

These days anyone will do anything for the tiniest bit of clout, and I do mean ANYTHING. The thirst for clout is so real for this girl that it's actually sad.

**WARNING** The tweet below contains potentially sensitive content.

First of all, can we address the fact that she blatantly states that this isn't the first toilet she's licked. Uhmmmm.... honey..... one question.... WHERE IS YOUR MOTHER?!

Someone come get their child because she needs to be grounded. Who even thinks of doing something like this? It's got to be JUST for the likes and social media shares.

Guess it's safe to say gone are the days where getting notoriety meant actually having a skill or talent.

Source: Twitter

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