You've seen the supermarket shelves emptier than you ever have, probably, in your entire life.

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The coronoavirus has everyone rushing to the grocery store to stock up on essentials should there be a food and goods shortage as a result. Besides the obvious non-perishable items, what is everyone buying exactly?

A survey by Nielsen highlights the foods most purchased by Americans since COVID-19 starting spreading throughout the states.

  • Oat milk: +347.3%
  • Fresh meat alternatives: +206.4%
  • Powdered milk products: +126.3%
  • Dried beans: +62.9%
  • Canned meat: +57.9%
  • Rice: +57.5%
  • Chickpeas/garbanzos: +47.3%
  • Water: +42%
  • Black beans: +41%
  • Tuna: +31.2%
  • Pretzels: +14.8%
  • Kombucha: +10.1%

Some of these seem obvious, right? Canned meat, rice, tuna.... duh! Of course those sales are up. The one that's really a head-scratcher though... Kombucha? It's health benefits are undeniable, but not exactly what you'd imagine would be up significantly in sales, is it?

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