Everybody loves pie!

If you thought people only craved pie around the holidays, think again.

New Jersey residents love pie all year round, apparently.

I'll admit, I'm not a huge pie person. I'm like every other average American who enjoys it around the holidays, but after that, I'm more of an ice cream or cheesecake girl myself. Still, my tastes aren't objective. Apparently, I'm overruled BIG TIME in the dessert department when talking about folks in the Garden State.

New Jersey LOVES its pie.

Cake vs. Pie: Which Dessert is Better?

Just when you thought people would have said German Chocolate Cake or cannolis was NJ's favorite dessert, that's when you discover just how much people are obsessed with pie here in New Jersey. Now, if you would've said cobbler, I might have understood. Alas, I'm in the minority for this one, but New Jersey has spoken. Who am I to object?

When you think about it, pie really is the American staple when it comes to desserts. People enjoy it around the winter holidays and even on the 4th of July. It makes sense for people to have strong opinions about the flavors they consider top tier.

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NJ's favorite pie flavors

New Jersey residents love a good competition. That's why it's no surprise there's a ranking of the best pie flavors according to New Jersey residents.

The folks over at Betway.com determined via Google Analytics NJ residents' top 3 favorite pie flavors. If you guessed pumpkin pie as the favorite, you'd be wrong.


Most Popular Pie Flavor

Yearly Search Volume


Apple Pie



Key Lime Pie



Pumpkin Pie


New Jersey’s favorite pie is the all-time American classic, Apple Pie. It's got over 38,900 yearly searches on Google! Key Lime Pie and Pumpkin Pie fall in right behind it, though.

I'm not a big Key Lime fan, but the rest of NJ seems to enjoy it. I'll take a slice of Pumpkin Pie any day.

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