The title might look a little weird, but bear with me for a second.

How do you know when summer's coming? Besides the obvious signs like the improvement in the weather and the sound of Mr. Softee making his rounds, are there any other signs that summer's here?


For me, it's about the signs previously mentioned, but on top of that, there's something about the smells of the season that really drive home when it's time to have some fun in the sun. In celebration of summer, we asked you a question, South Jersey... what smells do you immediately associate with the summer season?

TSM, Canva

Check out your top 5 answers below:



  • Canva

    Grass Cuttings

    Ah yes, the sweet sweet smell of freshly-mowed grass. As soon as you start mowing, you know that warm weather's near and you'll be on the beach in no time.

    We're only at the start of the summer, so we'll get to smell that scent for a few more months. Yay!

  • Canva

    Sea Salt

    When you wake up in the morning and walk out the door, you immediately smell the salt in the air. That's one of the perks of living right near the beach! You know summer's arrived when that smell is stronger than it's been since the beginning of fall when it was still super warm outside.

    There's no feeling like finally being able to take a big whiff and smell the ocean in the air. It might not be the best smell, but it means summer's here.

  • Canva

    Camp Fires

    You pull into your neighborhood on a Friday night and can already smell Bill and Janet's lit firepit in the backyard.

    You already know it's on as soon as the backyard fires start burning.

  • Canva

    The Grill

    This one goes hand-in-hand with the smell of bonfires. As soon as you smell that first grill fired up, you're headed straight to the store to grab a new propane tank.

    Grilling has to be one of the BEST summer activities. It doesn't even matter what you make. As soon as you smell the bbq, your mouth begins to water.

  • TSM

    Boardwalk Food

    We couldn't complete the list without mentioning the MOST SUMMERY SMELL of South Jersey: the Boardwalk food!

    Funnel cake, pizza, fresh french fries, fried oreos, the list could go on forever. Catch one whiff of any of those foods and you're ready to strap on a bathing suit and cover-up and hit the tram car.