There are a lot of weirdos posting on Craigslist - South Jersey.

(Why am I looking at Craigslist?)

I often wonder if people actually respond to a lot of the posts.

There are "normal" listings of items for sale, help wanted, and so forth, but there is a lot of weird stuff that's posted on the site.

Here's a post from a person in Pennsauken:

"TOPLESS House Cleaner Needed - Looking for SEXY girl to come clean my house TOPLESS!"

OK. Is anyone really answering this post? Are there aspiring topless maids scanning the want ads looking for work? I've got to know!

Here's one from Deptford:

"Female Needed For Body Worship Gig (Deptford) - Do you need some extra $$$? Do you have 20-30 minutes to be worshipped from head to toe? Get in touch and let's discuss details!!"

Who doesn't need extra $$$? LOL. In this age of female empowerment and the "Me Too" movement, this would seem to me as maybe a small step backward. It's probably also a very small step from prostitution, no?

It gets creepier over on the "For Sale" tab. From Fort Lee:

"Selling Porn DVDs - $10. Hi. My name is jung I live in fort lee, nj ( 5 min away from G.W. Bridge) I am selling all 6 porn DVDs for $10 cash and pick up,but if you live too far and cannot pick it up i can ship it to you but shipping fee will apply. If interested give me a call or text me ."

Who wouldn't want someone's used adult movie collection?

Sorry, there's not enough hand sanitizer on earth...

Craigslist - South Jersey. Check it out for yourself. Probably best to do it at home, rather than work. Also, when you're alone.

SOURCE: Craiglist South Jersey

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