Congratulations, you've just clicked on the most disgusting thing I've ever written about.

While looking through what's for sale on South Jersey Craigslist, I stumbled across the most disgusting thing you can possibly imagine.

Actually, hopefully it's something that you never imagined.

This is your warning, TURN BACK NOW!

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If you read any further, you'll never be able to forget what you're about to see, and what you're about to read.



A man from Blackwood, New Jersey is selling on Craigslist, something called, "A Torso Companion Doll."

Um, it's a sex doll.

Um, it's also used.

(I did warn you, right?)

The picture of the, eh hem, doll, is below, You still have a chance to turn back.

So, yes, this guy is selling this used sex doll that he says is clean.

Her name, by the way, is Gabby.

(I'm sooooo sorry if you are a Gabby or if you are closely related to a Gabby....)

Let's start with our hero's description of what this is:

"I need a good bro to help me out! This is Gabby, or at least that's what I named her. She's a torso doll for men. I bought her when Uncle Joe was handing out pandemic checks and I was still under the torment of being a lonely, depressed, hopeless shut-in for the last 2 years."


"I've been blessed with better days now. I've got a therapist and a real girlfriend that I'm crazy about! I'm afraid that my girlfriend will find Gabby and think that I'm some twisted fiend."

Come on bro'! Who would think that?

Look, I'm not about to type out the full description of.... Gabby.... but, I will say the seller says that Gabby is " *almost* life-size."

Honestly, I don't know what that means either.

He also says she's "completely anatomically correct."

NOTE: I have no idea if, in the end, that's a really important feature. I'm just passing along the information.

The seller goes on to reiterate that Gabby is clean, and he goes into great detail about how that was accomplished. Those details should really be kept under lock and key and buried under a volcano, but, no, they are right there on Craigslist for all to see.

If you think it's been weird up to this point, hang on....

The guy wants 160 bucks for Gabby, and really wants to make the sale and exchange  this Saturday, September 11th, between 2:30 and 3pm.

Is there some sort of atmospheric anomaly that happens at that time?

By the way, if you're buying, the seller suggests this: "Bring a big box or something to carry her in because she's delicate."

Well, of course!

At this point, I'm pretty much out of words. So, without further ado, meet Gabby. (Note the seller has "edited" the photos, and they appear just like this:

South Jersey Craigslist
South Jersey Craigslist
South Jersey Craigslist
South Jersey Craigslist

If you're my Mom and you're reading this, I am so sorry, Mom. I know you used to be proud of me.....

By the way, if you see Gabby in your future and want to find out more, go here.

SOURCE: South Jersey Craigslist

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